Poise® Liners, Ultrathins and PADS

Image - Poise® Liners, Ultrathins and PADS

Poise® Liners, Ultrathins and PADs

Specially tailored and designed to provide comfortable and discreet protection for women suffering from light to moderate incontinence.

Poise® products feature:

Odour Reducing Super Absorbent Particles give you the confidence of being fresh
Dry-Touch technology quickly draws wetness in to make you feel drier and prevent odour
Absorbent core locks in three times more fluid than the corresponding sanitary product for self-assurance
Soft, Dry-Touch Cover to help you stay fresh and comfortable
Soft side shields stop and contain leaks


Visit the Poise® website for information on Female Incontinence and to view the complete range of Poise® Products, and the features and benefits of each. Poise® also has a Product Selector Tool to find the right Poise® Product for your needs and you can also request a free sample.
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