Showing CARE during these turbulent times is especially important for the Depend team. We would like to ensure our Depend community is informed on how they can make their lives easier during this difficult time. This page is especially directed to those Older Australians and their families.

This page aims to provide:

  • Depend Product Home Delivery: Provide links where you can purchase DEPEND online & receive home delivery.
  • Showing Care & Support for an Older Australian: Ideas on how you as a family/friend of an older Australian can be there for them.
  • Government Assistance: How Older Australians can obtain help from various government schemes or organisations.

The convenience of receiving your product at your door “contactless” has become more prevalent. Here are some helpful links to retailers, pharmacy chains and other distributors in Australia that offer home delivery of your Depend Product. Some of the retailers have PRIORITY ORDER for those that are vulnerable and older Australians

How to show Care & Help During COVID-19

We know that showing love & care as a family member, friend or neighbour of an Older Australian comes naturally, but sometimes during tough times, we forget how simple it is to make a difference in their lives.

Here are a few useful ways that you could start today to make your loved one feel cared for.

  • Just Call – Take time to brighten up their day by making a short phone call. A regular weekly or daily phone call check in on how they are doing or to ask if there is anything you could do to help them. This small gesture goes a long way to making someone feel special and cared for.
  • Help With Their Admin/Groceries – Older generations 60+ with conditions or 70+ have been asked to self-isolate. Help them obtain their needs from the stores by offering to do their groceries, pick up medicine or have their laundry done.
  • Become Tech Savvy – Help them to feel independent, by teaching them how to use technology to buy online their incontinence products, groceries, do banking or make phone-calls via apps on their mobile phone or laptops, so that they can feel independent.
  • Cooking for Two – Offer to make them a meal once or twice a week and drop off at their door. Soups or casseroles are great!
  • Send them a care pack – make their day, by sending them a surprise care pack with handwash, crossword puzzles, interesting books, puzzles and some fruit and baked goods.
  • Children = happiness – have the kids do something special for gran/grandad, send them a picture/drawing and drop at their door, or record the children singing a song or playing instrument for them and send via email or on the phone.

Require Assistance With Everyday Living?

Did you know that Older Australians Can Apply For Assistance from the Australian Government:

  • Aged care is the support provided to older people in their own home or in an aged care (nursing) home. It can include help with everyday living, health care, accommodation and equipment such as walking frames or ramps. Government-funded aged care services are available to eligible people.
  • Meals on Wheels can help older people to live more independently at home by delivering meals. For more information please visit Meals on Wheels website
  • Continence Aid Payment Scheme (CAPS).= The Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) provides a payment to help with some of the costs of your continence products.

Advice from the Australian Government regarding COVID-19

Even if you are feeling well it is important to take steps to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The National Cabinet has asked that older Australians stay at home unless it is for essential purposes like food shopping, medical appointments and exercise. 

This advice relates to all Australians:

  • 70 years of age and older
  • 65 years of age and older with existing health conditions
  • Indigenous Australian 50 years of age and older with existing health conditions.

Further information can be found: Fact Sheet For Older Australians COVID-19

Where you can get the latest COVID-19 Information?

The most up to date information is the Australian Government’s HealthDirect website. 

You can ring the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080 to discuss symptoms and testing facilities.

If you have symptoms, try the Symptom Checker 

The World Health Organization is the global source of reliable information.

You can also visit Australian Government Department of Health or visit your local state or territory health authority website:

NSW | VIC | QLD | SA | WA | TAS | ACT | NT

Remember, always speak to your medical care provider if you have any concerns.

#DependCares will continue to show our love and care towards vunerable Australians. 

Due to the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus outbreak and our rapidly evolving understanding of it, we will endeavour to update this and related articles for ongoing accuracy. Please do visit the sites referenced in the article for the most recent information.